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Nourishing health from any starting point.

Health is neither a specific number nor a particular look. It’s a state of mind that includes nourishing the physical body while also attending to the emotional parts that make us whole. I work to feed both.  

My name is Taylor, and I work with my clients to establish health through balancing mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body. My practice is primarily based on a teacher-student relationship, which is the foundation of preventative health care. By teaching people how best to make informed decisions in their daily lives, I empower my clients to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands. It is my greatest passion in life to share such knowledge with others, inspiring them to be the best they can be for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

Currently, I am offering a variety of different services, including health coaching, nutrition counseling and education, worksite wellness support and yoga instruction. For more information, please see the "offerings" tab listed above. Thank you so much for being here, and for taking the first step towards becoming the best person you can be.

Yours in health,


          Taylor ZERULL, MScn          holistic nutritionist              yoga instructor                health coach       Wellness coordinator

          Taylor ZERULL, MScn
        holistic nutritionist
             yoga instructor
               health coach
      Wellness coordinator